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Thrash / Punk / Hardcore Metal

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A Bit About Us

SUPERMODEL TAXIDERMY pumping out raw and loud music Inspired by punk & metal. This crossover trio has involved it into a blend of adrenaline & attitude to fit such bands as D.R.I, Suicidal Tendencies, Iron Reagan etc... We want to thank each and everyone one of you from the bottom our blackened bruised hearts  KEEP THE CROSSOVER THRASH ALIVE!

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Fort McMurray, Ab - Rock The Rails June 3rd 2022

Edmonton, Ab - The Blakbar July 23rd 2022
Edmonton, Ab - Rendezvous Oct 15th 2022
Calgary, Ab - Verns pub Oct 28th 2022
Fort McMurray, Ab - Tavern on main Oct 29th 2022
Fort McMurray, Ab - Tavern on main Feb 25th 2023


Blood Painted Dash (Official Music Video)

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